Bike Maintenance Tips by Chester Clive

With so many choices in motorcycles, selecting your first motorcycle can be challenging. Here are several tips to help you select the right motorcycle for you. Anyone who has a motor bike knows the enjoyment it can bring when you are out riding on the road. Not everyone knows much about the fast and furious history of sports bikes. The sports bike is a motorcycle that was built for speed, braking, acceleration and cornering on paved roads. The popularity of sports bikes themselves is fairly simple, they are brightly coloured and very fast. In some tests, some brands proved as fast as production sports cars. It is not coincidental that these are often nicknamed crotch rockets.

The Yamaguchi Hurricane 150 is packed with a 150cc engine which makes it fast and powerful; the body is not as wide like the ones in a 600cc sports bike so you can easily pass through traffic like those smaller bikes. Flexible customization is one of its great features. Many people are familiar with car insurance, and basically what affect the insurance premium of a car. However, many people forget that chasing sport bike insurance can involve the same basic rules in some ways! For sport biking enthusiasts, the tires can make or break your game. It is like the machine of a sports car. You rely on its efficiency as well as its durability as it will let you go places, literally and idiomatically.

Statistics have shown that sport bikes have many more accidents than other motorcycle types. Having a great amount of engine power, able to boost a rider at over 200mph, it can be dangerous for those riders that do not have much experience on the roads. Sport Bikes are attractive and aggressive machines that, on their own, command attention. They are eye-catching, fast, and becoming more and more popular among both new and experienced riders. Now, with LED light kits designed specifically for them they are sure to be show stoppers. But once they experience track riding, the illusion of power as the most important component to gain speed fades fast. In fact, too much of it without taking into consideration the other factors may just make your motorcycle more than you can handle.

Sport bikes may offer quick acceleration, but they also have excellent braking and cornering abilities. Used properly, these attributes should make these bikes safe for anybody to ride. Riding such bikes takes a bit of skill that only comes with experience. The GX2 fitness exercise bikes is especially built with an adjustable seat which can be moved either vertically or horizontally. You will be able to easily the correct settings and begin with your very first workout routine. The Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R motorcycle is a top-of-the-line crotch rocket. As one of the most popular crotch rockets or sport bikes in the motorcycle category it is probably most well known for its speed. Sports bikes are replicas of racing bikes, but they have been specially designed by the manufacturers to make them street-legal and safe.

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The Dummies Guide to Buying a Used Bike by Anil Tandon

When entering the used bike market the first decision that needs to be taken is what kind of bike you need? Depending on your needs you may choose a cruiser, sports bike or a city bike. This decision would largely depend on where you would be riding the bike and if you will be riding with a pillion. After you have chosen the type of used bike, you need to determine your budget and shortlist the makes and models you prefer, for example Harley-Davidson is known for its cruiser bikes which can cover long distances with ease. On the other hand Japanese bike makers like Yamaha and Honda are known for their sports and city bikes. Keep in mind that the more upmarket the brand the higher will the bike's maintenance costs due to more expensive parts and service. So while a used Ducati may seem like a bargain, keeping it running would be much more expensive than say a used Honda or a used Suzuki.

Once you defined your budget and made a selection of the makes and models it's time to decide if you wish to buy the used bike from manufacturer's used vehicle department, from an independent used bike dealer or directly from the owner. If you pick the first two options, remember that the dealer would typically charge you a premium of 8-12%. The manufacturer owned used bike businesses usually sell certified bikes which come with a limited warranty and some free services as well. If you don't want to shell out the extra premium dealerships command, you could go through online and local auto classifieds to find the bike you want and get in touch directly with the used bike seller.

Now that you have shortlisted a few used bikes which are on sale, it's time to visit the seller or the dealership and inspect the bikes. The key aspects to look at include the bikes's engine, transmission, suspension, electricals and bodywork. You should request for a test ride as that would give you a real feel of the used bike's condition. While taking the bike for a spin, keep your ears open for any unusual noises coming from the engine, transmission and suspension. See if the used bike starts in one go as if it takes more than once the bike's battery or starter could be damaged. When the bike is running, check the tailpipe for signs of excessive smoke as this can point to a tired engine. When on the move, listen if the engine sounds smooth as any unusual sound could lead to future problems.

Note the way the used bike steers and goes over speed breakers. If the steering is hard to keep straight and the bike is pulling to one side, its suspension or wheels could need immediate attention. Also check the gearshift for smoothness and play. An excessively loose or hard clutch is also a sign of trouble and points to worn out clutch and pressure plates. Listen to the suspension as you go over bumps, it should not make a crude sound and should also not feel too bouncy. Make sure you check the instrument panel, safety equipment, condition of the seat etc. during the test ride.

Now that you have inspected the used bike's mechanicals and riding characteristics, walk around it and see the bodywork and condition of the tyres. An irregular paint finish is a sign that the used bike was involved in an accident and has been repainted. Check the tyres for condition of the tread and make sure they will last for some time. Also check that all lights are in working condition and that the bike has all tools in place.

Once you are satisfied with the used bike's condition it's time to check that its papers are in order. A valid registration, insurance, pollution control certificate etc are mandatory. You should also ask the seller for service records to see if the used bike has been maintained regularly and at a reputed workshop. If everything looks fine, negotiate on the seller's asking price and haggle based on the condition of the bike if certain things were found to be worn out etc. Ultimately you should pay no more than your budget and also consider the cost of ownership transfer etc in the final price.

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Anil Tandon is a reputed automotive journalist based in India. Anil has written columns for numerous Indian dailies and auto magazines. He is currently working as a consultant to the Indian used bike industry. Anil is also involved with India's leading used bike classifieds Indimoto Indimoto has helped thousands of used bike buyers and sellers transact in a transparent and convenient fashion.

Essential Motorcycle Tools for Every Biker by kanchan

Motorcycles are often associated activities such as racing, cruising, stunts, and many other fun activities. It is undeniable that the joy of owning a bike is unparalleled; however this wonderful mode of commutation requires great care and maintenance as well. It is very important for every biker to be able to perform basic repair jobs to ensure that they don't get stranded in a no-man's land. If you own a bike, although it may have a tool kit from the company; in case you don't have a tool kit, it is very important for you to find your own set of auto repair tools.

Problems don't warn before they come, therefore it's always better to stay prepared. When shopping for motorcycle tools you need to make a list of the jobs you will be able to perform in your workshop. Some of the essential jobs every motorcycle owner should be able to perform include adjusting and replacing chain/belt, replacing light bulbs, greasing part that require lubrication, fixing flat tyre, changing fuse, etc. Once you are done with the list of the jobs, you need to start shopping for required auto repair tools.

Some of the essential motorcycle tools include hand tools such as hammers, piers, screwdrivers, wrenches, cutters, abrasive, flat repair kit, etc. You need to select these tools based on the jobs you are planning to perform. Once you have the required tool kit, you may need to earn to perform certain jobs, which you can do from a video streaming website such as YouTube. All you need to do is search for required lessons and practice.

Adopting DIY approach for repairing you motorcycle will not only make you self sufficient of dealing with minor issues, it is sure to save you a significant amount of money in the long run. If you are planning to start with this DIY approach for motorcycle repairs, you can find the information and tools you need using any popular search engine.

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Auto repair tools and motorcycle tools are essential tools for every biker that is associated with racing, crushing, stunts and many other activities. is the complete house for all your automotive tools and equipment.

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